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Rental Terms: Accomodation

  • 50% Deposit prior to arrival
  • Cancellation > 60 days, return deposit, cancellation 30-60 day before arrival return 50% deposit
  • Arrival: 3pm, Departure 12 noon

Rental Terms: Events, Catering, Special Services

When engaging external services, we engage quality local companies, small businesses and sole traders, providing work and revenue to a wide range of contractors and sub-contractors. Late cancellations are particularly detrimental to these small businesses.

We support our service providers by guaranteeing our booking and payment, thereby getting preferential treatment over the long term and loyalty as a preferred customer. We ask our clients in turn to therefore guarantee payment for services ordered and agreed to, even in the case of later cancellation of services by the client.

  • 100% deposit at the time of booking
  • Cancellation > 30 days, return deposit


Thank you for your inquiry. Please review the property at the Gallery, and we will be in contact with you at our earliest opportunity.